Top 10 warning signs you've got credit problems:

1. You have a wallet full of credit cards, and you're not sure which one has any available credit left to make your next purchase.

2. Credit card balances are going up, but your income is falling.

3. You are struggling and stressing paying even the minimum payments on your credit cards, to the point of losing sleep.

4. Your monthly payment is less than last month's credit card total charges.

5. You have applied for -- or are considering applying for -- a new credit card to get a cash advance to pay another bill.

6. A second job or overtime is needed to keep up with rising credit card payments.

7. You don't open letters that look like they are from a creditor, and you screen your calls, afraid it will be a bill collector calling.

8. How much you owe on your account is unknown, and you have no immediate plans to find out.

9. You are borrowing from your savings account, so selling something near and dear to your heart, just to pay monthly bills.

10. Your spouse doesn't know how much you owe on your credit card. And you're keeping that information secret at any cost.

If you recognize your behavior in these warning signs above, all is not hopeless. Face the facts. Learn your situation. Read about credit, debt, find solutions to repair your credit. This site offers a host of free debt and credit tips, plus numerous links to other helpful sites.

Yes, you CAN wake up to take control and take charge of your financial future. When you need help, reach out to professionals who can offer free credit counseling advice. You'll find a number of local firms in your local yellow pages. Look under "Credit & Debt Counseling Services," and ask plenty of questions when you visit with your debt management advisor.

Full details on how you can fix your credit score, step-by-step, is found at

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