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Free Forms To Request Student Loan Deferment and Postpone Repayment of Your College Student Loans
Forms you can download to request college student loan deferment.

A student loan deferment request form is available here for qualified individuals to download, complete, and submit to try and postpone their college debts repayment.

These loan deferment programs are especially valuable, since they can help delay loan payments on your student loans for a variety of reasons: long-term unemployment, economic hardships, a mobilization order to serve on active duty in the military.

There are detailed specifics of how to fill out these forms are generally available through your direct student loan lender or from You will find helpful guidance on exactly which programs are available to help defer your student loans at student loan deferment informational websites which help guide you through the maze of student loan deferment options.

student loan deferment request form
(Click here to view and download this form)
Student Loan Deferment Request Form For Serving On Active-Duty In The Military
student loan deferment request form
(Click here to view and download this form)
Student Loan Deferment Request Form If You Have Returned To School

Learn the process to qualify for student loan deferment? (Check here to find out free...)

Student loan deferments postpone repayment of your student loans! Learm more about student loan deferment and why buying yourself some extra time to pay off your college loan debts could be a great way to save your credit score!

Thinking Of Consolidating Student Loans?
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Student loans out of control? Getting nasty collection calls? Time to consolidate? Find out if consolidating overdue student loans is the answer to your prayers... or maybe an expensive option you should avoid.

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