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"Why was I denied credit?"

Getting credit is a privilege, not an automatic right. When you fill out a loan application or a credit card application, there is a chance that you will be denied credit for a variety of reasons.

A few of those reasons might be:

  • Not enough income to handle the debt
  • Self-employed and not enough documentation to verify income
  • You have neither a savings account or checking account, or it's been less than 6 months that you've opened these with your bank
  • Spotty employment record, you move from job to job and have long periods of unemployment between each job
  • Your loan application is not completely filled out, important information cannot be verified
  • Current credit obligations are too high in the eyes of the lender, credit balances are "maxed out" on most of your credit cards
  • You have a history of being more than 30 days late making mortgage and credit card payments
  • There are derogatory marks on your credit report such as a tax lien, accounts turned over to collection agencies, or a bankruptcy

The law requires that you be informed why you've been denied credit. A creditor must notify you in writing, staying the reason why you have been denied. It must reveal the source of the credit information that it based its decision on. The credit denial letter you receive will give the contact information of the credit bureau which supplied the data, and you will then have from 30 to 60 days to ask for a free copy of your credit report from that bureau.

It's your right and your responsibility to get that copy of your credit history from that agency, and that report might contain incorrect facts or outdated information. By getting your report you can review it yourself and dispute any errors you find there.

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