Frequently Asked Questions: DISPUTING CREDIT ERRORS
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"How can I dispute errors
in my credit report?"

When it comes to derogatory marks on your credit report, some entries are worse than others. For instance, a bankruptcy is worse than a foreclosure.A foreclosure is worse than having a car repossessed. And having a car repossessed is worse than past due payments to your favorite department store.

Yes, all will affect your FICO credit score negatively. But knowing which entry is causing you the most damage on your credit report will help keep you focused on the task at hand: fixing your credit report.

Remember, not all items can be challenged for removal from your credit report. If you've filed for bankruptcy protection within the past 10 years and it's on your credit report as such, you cannot legally file a frivolous challenge to have accurate information removed from your credit files.

But there are plenty of other places to go to work. It's been estimated by some credit experts that 40% of credit reports contain errors, and you need to thoroughly search through yours to clean up your report.

Start by identifying incorrect accounts that are listed on your account, perhaps incorrect information reflecting missed loan payments you are certain are wrong.

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