Frequently Asked Questions: CREDIT REPORTS
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"What items are NOT included in my credit report?"

The law is very clear that some items are not to be included in your credit report, as they may form the basis of discrimination when a potential lender reviews your credit report to determine whether or not to approve a loan.

These items include:

  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Medical History
  • Salary
  • Assets
  • Lifestyle
  • Savings or Checking Accounts

Also, your credit report often does not provide both sides of the story, but this can be corrected.

If there is a particular damaging derogatory mark in your credit report that you feel unfairly paints you as a credit risk, then you have the right to have a 100-word statement explaining your side inserted into your credit report.

Some experts doubt that all lenders actually READ this 100-word statement. But this might make a difference in some situations.

New Question: "How do I dispute errors in my credit report?"

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