Frequently Asked Questions: CREDIT REPAIR
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"How do I check my credit score?"

You can check your credit score for free by logging onto the authorized site, and viewing or downloading your free consumer credit reports. Once you have the reports, you can check them over for accuracy and then dispute errors you might find in your credit history.

The reason you want to do this? To get better credit!

If you expect all information collected by the Big 3 major credit bureaus to be exactly the same, you'll be in for a surprise. Each of the reports likely will differ from one another.

Expert note that errors and inaccurate marks regularly creep into people's credit reports, some simply from entry errors.

The three major credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. It is important to realize that each of these firms are independent of each other. They are separate corporations, and they are not in the business to share information with each other.

It could be very common for credit report information from Experian would differ from the report from TransUnion, and different again from what shows up in Equifax's credit files.

Knowing this will help you in disputing bad credit errors that you may find lurking in your credit reports.

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