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How to dispute a 30 day late
Disputing Minor Errors in Your Credit Report Can Make Major Improvement To Your Credit Score

Disputing a 30 day late entry in your credit report takes time. You can't do it overnight.

But you can learn how to pull your own credit report, spot errors that have cropped into your report, and send dispute letters to the Big 3 credit bureaus -- TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax -- to clean up your credit.

Restoring good credit takes time and effort, but the results of a higher credit score in the end make all that work worth the effort.

Free credit dispute letters are available at the repair credit page.

It's important to note right here out in the open that you cannot have accurate negative information removed. You cannot erase bad credit. You can try, but it will probably be considered as a frivolous request.

It's much wiser to spend your precious time checking to uncover real errors and disputing them with the free credit repair tips found here at

Your credit score could have been lowered by errors hidden in your score. The good news is that those types of errors are weighted. That is, a 30 day late entry is far less damaging than a foreclosure or a bankruptcy that appears in your credit history.

However, it's exactly these kinds of errors -- wrong information, outdated information, derogatory marks on your credit report that need to be removed -- that our free credit disputing strategies will help you remove. Getting your credit report cleaned up is just the beginning. You must make a final decision to KEEP your credit rating high, to keep improving your score by paying your bills on time, and by making the choice to reduce credit card debt.

Another way to raise your credit score is to limit the number of inquiries into your credit, and to stop applying for new credit cards until your credit card debt levels have been reduced dramatically.

Get more more free credit repair and credit score improvement tips at our updated Fix Your Credit Report web log.

For more information, read: "How To Read & Understand Your Credit Report"

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