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How to fix your credit report

Find how how you can now download free copies of major credit reports, check them over yourself by knowing how to read your credit reports for accuracy, and fix your own credit to improve your credit score.

Regarding impact of unpaid medical bills on your credit score: "How Unpaid Medical Bills Affect Your Credit Report...And What You Can Now Do About It"

You can contact the three major credit bureaus yourself and find out your credit rating then take steps necessary to restore your credit yourself.

Learn why mistakes sometimes pop up on your credit report through no fault of your own, and some of the common credit report errors you're likely to find on your own credit report.

Learn how to settle your debts before you apply for a debt consolidation loan. And learn why it's important for you to know how taxes affect your credit card interest rate.

To help you get on track, two updated resources to help you to raise credit score: how to write a credit report dispute letter, and also free information on how to write your own sample credit repair letters to remove a charge off. These are free, proven step-by-step guides that show you how to correct credit report and improve your credit rating without having to pay anyone else to do it for you.

Debt solutions: How to beat credit card debt

Credit cards have become like a candle flame to the moth: Beautiful. Desireable. Dangerous.

New changes to U.S. bankruptcy laws now mean that unsecured credit card debt is much, much harder to flush away with a simple Chapter 13 wage-earners personal bankruptcy. But this looming danger hasn't stopped the majority of Americans from applying for those "free" credit card offers that flood the mailbox.

The problem, it seems to me, is that all too many people have either (1) never learned or (2) have forgotten how to manage credit card debt properly, and they are hopelessly digging themselves a deep hole that is difficult to climb out of financially.

But it's never an IMPOSSIBLE climb! You CAN start taking control of your finances by learning how to track your monthly expenses, cut unnecessary ones, and start your own debt consolidation program.

The first step is getting help. I highly recommend you check out Dave Ramsey's website and books to learn the truth about bankruptcy, as he really can help people come to grips with their own financial failures, and I've witnessed how his helpful, real-world solutions have helped people recover financially.

Knowing the status of your current credit score is important, and you can order a copy of your free credit report online. Having these reports will come in handy as you work to improve your finances.

The second step is to set time aside every week to track your spending, develop a budget, and set aside time and space to open your mail, check the statements, write the checks, put them into the mail, balance the checkbook... on and on, until the debts start to dwindle down.

The third step is to STOP using credit as a crutch. If you can't afford something at the moment, then don't pretend you have the money by pulling out a credit card to buy it. Accept your current income as your financial boundary, and live within the fences. Read our article on credit card traps to avoid to understand how important it is to always read the fine print on credit card agreements. Further, don't fall victim to digging yourself into a hole using payday loans. Do whatever you have to do to avoid the payday loan trap payday loan companies operate.

Fourth: Take steps to earn more without spending more. Ask for a raise. Look for a new job. Become more proficient in your job while you're waiting on the raise, and eventually you'll be rewarded. Again, when you do increase your income, keep your expenses level and use the extra income to eliminate debt, not add to it.

The fifth step is to re-evaluate your financial situation from time to time. Do you need to save more? Do you need to lower your monthly bills? Do you need to downsize into smaller, more affordable house? Do you need to sell a little-used car or motorcycle to further reduce credit card debt?

Once you've finally gotten into the habit of breaking free from the credit card trap, you will get into the habit of protecting your credit and you will start to feel more secure. You'll then have better options on what to do with your money, your time, your life. You'll actually be reclaiming your own life in the process, and that's the best present you can ever give yourself.

When your debt becomes overwhelming, maybe it's time that you consider debt consolidation. No, it won't eliminate debt. But at least it could give you some breathing room and some time to think while you sort out your next step. Our free advice outlining 6 easy steps to consolidate your debt and get debt relief will help you gain control of your finances and finally start getting all the way out of debt! Just added: The best debt management solution is to start eliminating your credit card debt.

"How To Stop Harassment Phone Calls From Any Collection Agency"

Yes! You CAN stop bill collection and debt collectors from calling to harass you about unpaid debts!
Stop credit collections harassment NOW! Read our new 'how-to' report "How To Stop Those Annoying Calls From A Collection Agency" for free today and find how you can enjoy peace of mind again!

Sometimes the best way to deal with student loans is to ask for forgiveness. Not for taking out the loan. Forgiveness in this case means working in certain occupations or volunteering yourself to certain organizations to help reduce your college loan debt principal. We've compiled a list of websites that will help you learn more about how to find student loan forgiveness programs.

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